About Our Publications

Trust Updates is an e-mail service of Trust Regulatory News--the best source of fiduciary risk management information. Trust Updates was initially created to ensure that TRN subscribers were kept aware of important events between issues. It has since expanded into a free e-mail update service available to both subscribers and nonsubscribers. Trust Updates provides information on litigation, legislation, regulation, and other areas of interest to those in the fiduciary industry.

Trust Regulatory News founded in 1992, is a monthly newsletter covering fiduciary risk management. It has one of the highest renewal rates in its field. We have achieved this by respecting our subscribers' time and providing them with the best trust perspective on legislation, regulation, and litigation. Our concise articles provide fiduciary executives with key points of interest and references necessary to obtain source documents. Annual subscription rate is $525. TRN's staff brings the same level of dedication to Trust Updates.

Trust Performance Report, TRN's sister publication, is the fiduciary industry's only comprehensive source of annual and quarterly updates of asset and income data. Annual subscription rate is $950. Subscribers to Trust Updates receive summary information regarding each quarter's performance.

Fiduciary Earnings & Expenses, TPR's sister publication, is the fiduciary industry's only comprehensive source of gross revenue, net income, and expense data. The annual report is an analysis of revenue, net income, and expenses of some 200 free-standing trust companies compared to bank trust divisions. Available in September, the report's annual subscription rate is $695.