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20050808BSA Trillion Dollar Club Grows; ROA at New High

(Oct. 5, 2005--Chicago, IL)--Continued growth in fiduciary assets is paying off in the form of double-digit income increases in the second half of 2005, according to Trust Performance Report.
        The surge in income is pushing return on assets for most peer groups to new highs. Only peer group 1, institutions with over $100 billion in fiduciary assets, had flat growth. Again, with the exception of peer group 1, all peer groups equaled or exceeded their return on assets for the first half of 2005.
        The Trillion Dollar Club, that magnificent “group of 7,” is now eight. US Bank, the newest member, is setting new standards with its return on assets, which is the highest among club members—7 percent. Previously the Northern Trust, whose percentage of managed assets exceeds those of any other club member by a wide margin, led the pack.
        The top three members of this club—State Street, Bank of New York, JPMorgan Chase—also have the distinction of being in the “Billion Dollar Income Club.” Though State Street firmly retains the number one spot in assets, JPMorgan Chase leads in gross fiduciary income.

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