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20050808BSA No Cash-Balance Plans for Citicorp, Only 401k's

(Nov. 8, 2006--Chicago, IL)--Citicorp, always an industry leader, has decided to freeze its cash-balance plan in favor of tripling its matching 401k contribution. The change, effective in 2008 according to a leaked internal memo, was confirmed by bank.
† † † † "This is what our employees have been asking for," a senior bank spokesman told Trust Regulatory News. The company, he says, annually surveys its employees regarding benefits.
† † † † After the passage of the Pension Reform Act of 2006, consumer groups warned that traditional defined benefit plans would be replaced by cash-balance plans--hybrid plans, that some argue discriminate against older workers--an assertion supported by a 2005 General Accounting Office study. The study found that when comparing a typical cash-balance plan to a defined-benefit plan, all vested employees would do better under the DB plan and that those under age 40 would see greater benefits under the cash-balance plan. (See Report No. GAO-06-42, available at
† † † † Congress addressed this concern in the Pension Reform Act. Under the Act, a plan is deemed to not violate ERISA's age discrimination rules if a participant's accrued benefit is equal to or greater than that of any similarly situated, younger individual who is or could be a participant.
† † † † Just four days after the passage of the Act, the Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit ruled in Cooper v. IBM that what makes a plan more favorable to older workers may not be discriminatory.
† † † † "Removing a feature that gave extra benefits to the old," wrote Judge Frank Easterbrook in the unanimous August 7, 2006 ruling, "differs from discriminating against them."
† † † † Even though Citicorp has opted to eschew cash-balance plans in favor of 401k's, many companies are expected to keep some defined benefit plans. At Citicorp, a legacy pension plan, which covers only a small percentage of employees, will not be frozen, a spokesman says.
† † † † According to the firm's internal memo, starting in 2008, Citicorp will match 401k contributions up to 6 percent of eligible earning for those making more than $100,000 a year and up to 8 percent for those making less. The additional 2 percent match will be in the corporationís common stock, which participants will have the option of "moving immediately into other investment choices."

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