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(October 25, 2010 --Chicago, IL) -- Independent trust companies continue to post higher profit margins and returns on assets than do bank-owned trust divisions, according to the 2010 report of Fiduciary Earnings & Expenses (FEE). The exceptions are midtiers.

Unlike their bank-owned counterparts, independents tend not to be full-service fiduciaries. Their services are generally focused on three or fewer account categories, primarily personal trusts, investment management agency accounts, and employee benefit accounts. A select few, only 7 percent, are full-service and, in 2009, generated some of the highest profit margins. These were all midtiers --institutions with assets between $1 billion and $10 billion.

In contrast, 90 percent of bank trust departments are full-service, with 60 percent focusing on five or six account categories.

FEE 2010 provides industry and peer benchmarks for:
* Profit Margin,
* Return on Assets, computed on:
   - gross revenue,
   - net income, and
   - 7 account categories,
* Asset Concentrations, and
* Expenses,
   - salaries,
   - rent,
   - furnishings,
   - data services,
   - marketing,
   - audits/exams,
   - insurance, and
   - other.

FEE 2010 is based on direct surveying of some 200 independent trust companies. Benchmarks for these institutions are compared to bank-owned trust divisions: nationally chartered trust companies and bank trust departments.

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