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(June 8, 2011 --Chicago, IL) --For the 4th consecutive year, BNY Mellon remains the largest trust institution with total assets of just over $27 trillion, according to Trust Performance Report 2011.

State Street reclaimed the No. 2 position from Chase, which dropped to 3rd place. U.S. Bank, dropped from No. 6 to No. 8, seeing total assets decline by some $300 million.

Northern Trust remains the largest administrator of personal and charitable trusts and agencies.

Top 10 Trust Institutions:
1. BNY Mellon -- $27.3 trillion
2. State Street Bank -- $21.9 trillion
3. JPMorgan Chase -- $16.8 trillion
4. Citigroup/Citibank -- $7.4 trillion
5. Northern Trust -- $4.1 trillion
6. Wells Fargo -- $1.5 trillion
7. Fidelity Management Trust -- $1.5 trillion
8. U. S. Bank -- $1.4 trillion
9. Barclays Global -- $0.8 trillion
10. PNC -- $0.7 trillion

For more on the top by peer group see the upcoming issue of Trust Regulatory News.

Trust Performance Report 2011’s annual data book (published in May) provides both industry and peer group performance data by assets, gross revenue, net income, and account category; subscribers receive quarterly updates. TPR findings are based on its annual survey of the top 1500 fiduciary institutions.

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