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(Feb 8, 2024 --Chicago, IL) -- Making a profit in the trust industry requires asset volume. How much minimum volume depends on the institution type and its focus.

Fiduciary Earnings & Expenses 2023 found that the average asset threshold needed to breakeven became more variable, depending on the type of institution. Until 2022, the breakeven point had been declining for all institution types.

FEE 2023 compares performance among independent trust companies to that of OCC national trust companies and to bank trust divisions

National trust companies continue to report the highest break-even point, at an average of $488 million. Nevertheless, this represents a decline from $512 million in 2021.

Bank trust divisions report an increase in the average break-even point, to $240 million, up from $207 million. This increase follows three consecutive years that their average breakeven declined.

The biggest decline in the break-even point is among independent trust companies, which report needing an average of only $200 million, down from $312 million. For independents, this marks a return to pre- pandemic averages.

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These and other findings are detailed in A.M. Publishing's Fiduciary Earnings & Expenses 2023 The analysis by FEE 2023 is of 2022 financial performance. However, this analysis is supplemented by feedback obtained from trust executives by direct surveying in March and April of 2023.

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Both reports are based on A.M. Publishing's Annual Survey of Trust Assets. The survey gathers and analyzes the data of 1200 institutions, including bank trust divisions, national trust companies, and independent trust companies. The survey has been conducted since 2001.

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